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Huateng Jichun won the

update time2023-8-9 17:06:22

August 3-5, by the China Coatings Industry Association, organized by the "quality development, technology empowerment" as the theme of the 2023 China International Coatings Expo and the 21st China International Coatings Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

    As the world's largest coatings exhibition, this year's Coatings Expo will gather many famous brands to jointly display new products, new technologies and new trends in the coatings industry. According to relevant statistics, the average daily audience of this exhibition exceeded 20,000, and the total number of visitors reached over 60,000 in 3 days, which made the exhibition a hot spot with unlimited business opportunities.
    China Coatings is in a historic stage of development, the industry to high-quality development, we must further accelerate the promotion of industry-wide green, low-carbon and sustainable development, accelerate the implementation of industry-wide innovation-driven development strategy, accelerate the construction of industry-wide industry chain new development pattern, and early realization of China's coatings from the coatings of big countries to coatings of strong countries to change the goal. In order to further enhance the international influence of China's coatings brands, ChinaCoatings2023 "China Coatings Influential Brands" Award Ceremony will be held at the same time. "China Coatings Influential Brands" is one of the most important awards in China's coatings industry, and the award is designed to encourage the innovation and development of outstanding coatings enterprises, inspire the sustainable development of enterprises by the power of role models, and lead the industry to glory with the power of the brand. Huateng Jichun with high quality service and excellent product performance to win the industry authority and industry peers highly recognized by the General Assembly issued ChinaCoatings2023 "China Coatings Influential Brand" honorary title.
    As a well-known emulsion supplier in the domestic coating industry, Huateng Jichun Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development, production and sales of acrylic emulsions, with an annual output of 150,000 tons of acrylic emulsions production capacity.
    In the future, Huateng Jichun will continue to uphold the concept of "leave the simplicity to customers, leave the complexity to yourself", implement the "one-stop service to customers", and do a good job in the "three firsts" (China's first). (China's first acrylic acid and resin plant, the first acrylic emulsion plant, the first to establish a systematic R & D center on emulsions) of inheritance and development, for the coatings industry, upstream and downstream enterprises to help the development! 

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